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Suvarnavangam Capsule
Suvarnavangam Capsule
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Brand : Liv-Long Nutraceuticals
Weight : 90.00 Gram(s)
Capsules: 90
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For Stress Management Anti-stress and Rejuvenator.

Amla –Ashwagandha, a formulation for fighting stress naturally.

Ashwaganda is a commonly used herb in Ayruvedic medicine which is categorized as Rasayana which helps to promote health and longevity. The rasayan are the most esteemed of Ayurveda’s herbs, as they imbue the user with life itself. The root of the plant appears in remedies for cough, rheumatism, gynecological disorders, fatigue, emaciation, inflammation, ulcers, sore eyes, and diminished brain function.

Ashwagandha is highly effective against stress, improving palpitation, headache, anorexia, lack of concentration and fatigue. Maximum improvement was observed in the case of nervousness and stress. The alkaloids present in the extract has action on smooth muscles, hence used in asthma and also as uterine sedative.

Ashwagandha is also India’s most potent hot plant. It is used equally by men and women, and is widely prescribed by physicians to adults with low libido, and to improve sexual function. In the system of Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is king of the herbs as it has potent sex-enhancing properties.
Amla, Emblica officinalis is commonly known as “ Indian gooseberry ” which is indigenous to India. Amla is valued for its mineral and vitamin content and it is a good natural source of Vitamin C and antioxidant polyphenols, which are reported to be active constituents of Amla. Amla is the active ingredient of many Ayurvedic formulations like Chyavanprash as a rejuvenator, biological response modifier and immunity enhancer.
Amla extract is prepared from amla fruit by hydro-alcoholic extraction process. This extract retains all the qualities of amla. This rebuilds new tissues and increases the red blood cell count. It is beneficial in the treatment of respiratory disorders anemia, jaundice, certain heart complaints and effective in controlling diabetes. Amla extract is a general health tonic !!
Recommended usage:
• 2-3 capsules per day after food.
• 500mg hard gelatin capsules.
• Presentation in HDPE food grade bottle of 90s.

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