Dasamoolarishta: Indications

April 15th, 2010

Dasmoolarishta is an ayurvedic composition which has number of uniqe herbs in it
which helps and cure various diseases. DASAMOOLARISHTA gives strength and nourishment to the body, promotes energy, corrects seminal defects, and nourishes tissues.

Various indications for which we can take the medicine are:

1) For the treatment of urinary disorders, kidney diseases and diseases of the genito-urinary system. calculus affections and impotence.
2) For the use for regulation of heart functions, reduction of inflammation, and indigestion.
3) It is used in circulatory disorders for its depressant properties. It helps to control cardiac inflammation by diuresis.

4) It is a means of muscle strengthening & is used for rejuvenation and revitalization of musculo-skeletal system.

5) It helps in congestion & in breathing difficulty.
6) Widely used for asthma, chronic cough, and allergic cough.

7) Dashmoolarishta, used to treat ovarian tumours and cysts.

8) Insomnia; fatigue; irritability; loss of appetite; and difficulty in concentration can also treated by using the medicine.

9) The signs and symptoms of fear, such as an increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, a pounding heart, and a shaking voice and limbs, can be treated by Dashmoolarishta.
10) Hyperthyrodism

11) Helpful in treating PCOS

12) Useful in treating facial paralysis
13) Patients of interstitial lung disease are also benefited by the medicine.
In Ayurveda it is considered that it helps to improve vitality and vigor.

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