Hair Loss – Ayurveda Hair Oil

April 15th, 2010

Massaging the scalp regularly helps in increasing the circulation of blood to the scalp which in turn promotes hair growth. Massaging with good ayurvedic hair oil is more fruitful as the scalp absorbs the goodness of the herbs and that nourishes the scalp. Enlisted here are a few ayurveda hair oils:

Dhatri Herbal Hair Oil
Dhatri Ayurveda’s Herbal Hair Oil is extremely effective against hair loss. It also cools the scalp and relieves stress. It is prepared from organically grown herbs that include neela amari (Indigofera tinctora), kayyonni (Eclipta alba/eclipta prostrata), aloe vera, keram, brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), kadukka (Terminalia chebula), etc. It has a coconut oil base.

Kalan Neelibhringadi Oil
J & J Kalan Pharmaceutical’s Neelibhringadi Hair Oil not only promotes hair growth but also is effective against premature greying of hair and dryness of scalp. This oil also nourishes the hair follicles and aids in hair growth. It soothes the body, relieves stress and helps in getting good sleep.

Kaveri Hair Tonic
Kaveri Hair Tonic produced by Pankajakasthuri Herbals is effective in preventing loss and greying of hair. Massage this oil everyday onto your scalp before taking a bath.

Oushadhi Hair Tone
This medicated hair oil is useful not only to prevent hair fall but also against dandruff. It has a coconut oil base while the other herbal ingredients include eclipta alba, sesame seeds, terminalia bellirica, lotus stamen, etc. Massage scalp with this prior to taking a bath and avoid using shampoo.

Revitalizing Hair Oil
Himalaya Healthcare’s Revitalizing Hair Oil is a non-sticky oil that reduces hair loss and promotes the growth of hair. Herbal ingredients of this oil include amalaki (emblica officinalis), arishtaka (sapindus trifoliatus), neem (azadirachta indica), medhika (trigonella foenum-graecum), bhringaraja (eclipta prostrata), chanaka (cicer arietinum) and bilva (aegle marmelos).

Trichup Oil
Trichup Oil manufactured by Vasu Pharmaceuticals not only checks hair fall but also prevents fungal infection of the scalp, reduces dandruff, delays greying and makes hair bouncy.

Kaveri Hair Tonic
Regular usage of this hair tonic ensures long and healthy hair. It consists of pure herbal ingredients such as indigo (indigofera tinctoria), bhumibala (sida veronicaefolia), bhringaraja (eclipta alba), amla (eclipta officinalis), etc. that prevent greying of hair and hair fall.

Hair O Max Hair Oil
The brand Hairomax produces both hair oil and hair fortifying capsules both of which are herbal preparations. Both products support each other symbiotically and if used together, give best results. The oil nourishes the hair and helps in eradicating dandruff.

Nutrich Oil
This oil is prepared by modern scientific methods but from time-tested ayurvedic ingredients. Nutrich Oil is composed of various oils such as til oil (Sesamum indicum) which is the main ingredient, coconut oil (Cocos nucifera), castor oil (Ricinus communis) and almond oil (Prunus amygdalus). It also contains solid particles of bhringaraja (eclipta alba), jatamansi (Nordostachys jatamansi), brahmi (Centella asiatica) and many other herbs.

Dabur Vatika Hair Oil
One of the most trusted brands, Dabur’s Vatika Hair Oil gives lustre, radiance and body to the hair. Coconut oil based, it has other ingredients such as henna, amla and lemon.

Always try and warm ayurvedic hair oil to a comfortable temperature before massaging to the scalp. Massage in a circular motion but make sure not to apply too much force. Apart from taking external care, one should also ensure consumption of a healthy diet.

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