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April 15th, 2010

Hair loss is a common phenomenon that every individual experiences. With increasing levels of stress and unhealthy lifestyle, the problem of hair loss seems to be on the rise. There are various causes of hair loss which are either temporary or permanent in nature. Some of the causes include chronic ailment, hormonal imbalance, certain medication, poor diet, etc.

According to ayurveda, hair loss is caused by excess of pitta in the body. Pitta increases in the body with the consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, meat, oily food and smoking. Ayurveda treats hair loss by finding the root cause of the problem and then treating it through various kinds of oil massage, breathing techniques, aromatherapy, meditation, diet and yoga.

Here are a few ayurvedic techniques by which hair loss can be reduced considerably:

Ayurvedic Diet
You need to stick to a diet that balances all the doshas, especially the pitta dosha that is responsible for hair loss. Take protein-rich food such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, sprouts, yeast, wheat germ, soya, etc.
•    Consume curd on a daily basis.
•    Sesame seeds are rich in calcium and magnesium. Consume a handful of them every morning.
•    Drink one-third cup of aloe vera juice daily as it reduces pitta. Instead of this you can also have a tablespoon of aloe vera gal with a pinch of cumin three times a day.
•    Mix five parts of Dashamoola, four parts of Bhringaraj and three parts of Jatamamsi. Mix half teaspoon of this mixture to one cup of goat’s milk. Boil this and drink before going to bed.
•    Mix lettuce juice and spinach juice and drink it daily.

Ayurvedic Oil Massage
Massaging the scalp greatly improves the circulation of blood to the scalp. Daily massage your scalp for 10-15 minutes.
•    Rub the scalp with bhringaraj or brahmi oil for at least five minutes before going to bed.
•    Massaging the scalp with Vitamin E oil decelerates hair loss and strengthens the hair follicles.
•    Massage little coconut oil or almond oil on your scalp and the soles of your feet.

Ayurvedic Herbs
There are various ayurvedic herbs that aid in preventing hair loss.
•    Boil neem leaves in water till it becomes half. Cool it and strain. Rinse your hair with this.
•    Make a paste of boiled urad dal (black gram) and methi seeds (fenugreek). Apply this to scalp and wash. This should be done three to four times a week.
•    Mix apple cider vinegar and sage tea and rinse your hair with this.
•    Make a paste of lemon seeds and small amount of black pepper. Apply this to the scalp for some time and wash off.
•    Make a fine paste of liquorice mixed with milk and apply to balding scalp.

Apart from adopting all these ayurvedic techniques to control hair loss, one must also regularly exercise in order to balance the aggravated doshas. One should also take lots of water (8-10 glasses daily) as it helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.

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