Hair Loss – Quick Home Remedies

April 15th, 2010

All individuals lose a few strands of hair each day. It is a natural phenomenon of the body of renewing itself. On an average, in a month’s time hair grows about 1.2 cm growing at a relatively fast rate between the age of fifteen and thirty. There can be various causes of hair loss some of which are temporary in nature, while others are permanent. The temporary causes of hair loss are often easier to cure.

There are a number of quick remedies that you can undertake at home to fight hair loss. A few of these are:

Scalp Rub
Give a vigorous rub to the scalp after washing the hair with cold water, till it starts tingling with heat. This helps in increasing the circulation of blood to the scalp and makes the hair healthy.

Amla Oil
Boil dry pieces of amla (Indian gooseberry) in coconut oil. Cool and apply to the scalp regularly.

Honey and Egg Yolk
Mix honey and egg yolk and apply this mixture on the scalp and wash after half an hour.

Coconut Oil and Lime Juice
Make a mixture of coconut oil and lime juice and apply this to the scalp daily.

Lime Seeds and Black Pepper
Mix a small amount of black pepper powder with ground lime seeds and apply to the scalp daily.

Mustard Oil and Henna
Boil four tablespoons of henna leaves in one cup of oil and strain. Apply this to the patches where hair is scarce.

Coriander Leaves
Regularly apply juice of coriander leaves to the scalp.

Fenugreek Seeds
Make a fine paste of fenugreek seeds and water. Apply on scalp and leave for 40 minutes before washing off.

Apply juice of amaranth leaves to the hair. This also keeps the hair soft.

Lettuce and Spinach
Make a juice of lettuce and spinach and mix them and apply to the scalp.

Rub onion on patches of the scalp that have become bald, till it turns red and then apply honey. Do this twice a day.

Coconut Milk
Extract milk from coconut and apply this to the scalp and massage into the roots of the hair. This nourishes the hair.

Raw Mango
Make a pulp of raw mangoes and put this in coconut oil. Leave this for one year. Then massage this regularly.

Castor and Almond Oils
Mix castor oil and almond oil in equal quantities. Warm this mixture and apply on the scalp at least once a week. This also makes hair stronger.

Apart from undertaking various home remedies, one should also take care to have a healthy diet that is rich in proteins, iron and minerals. Hair products that are available in the market mostly contain harmful chemicals that will damage your hair further. All the above remedies are easy to make and have no side-effects. These remedies not only prevent hair loss but also help in the overall strengthening of hair.

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