Bipha Drugs Aathma Sesame Lite

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Bipha Drugs Aathma Sesame Lite


Product Code ABCSL1
Product Form Baby Care Oil
Pack Size 100 ml
Description Aathma Sesame Lite is distilled or extracted from Sesame plants that are grown without pesticides. Aathma Sesame Lite enhances the power and physical fitness. Its external application helps the Oil to penetrate the epidermal layer & enter the tissue fast & easily. The action is also fast & continuous usage makes the skin softer, healthier & younger. Sesame has a property to protect the skin from harmful external radiation viz. UV rays if used for a prolonged basis. Sesame is ant fungal, antibacterial in nature & hence it can prevent infectious diseases.
Ingredients Sesame oil
For Adults  
For Children  
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