Arya Vaidya Burcalvin Capsules

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Arya Vaidya Burcalvin Capsules

What is Burcalvin Capsules used for?

Calcaneal Spur also called the title of a heel spur, it's related to inflammation of Achilles tendon (Achilles tendinitis). Further, in addition, it causes pain and tenderness in the back of the heel and is made which often makes walking a painful affair.

Burcalvin Capsules helps in the treatment of Calcaneal Spur.

Benefits of Burcalvin Capsules?

Heel pain may respond to treatment with over-the-counter Ayurvedic medications which helps in the reduction of pain and provide a complete solution to the problem without any side effects like gastrointestinal, discomfort, ulceration and bleeding.

Causes of Calcaneal Spur and When to Use Burcalvin Capsules?

  • Extended walk
  • Oven Weight
  • Flat foot
  • Age
  • barefoot walk
  • improper footwear, and utilization of high heeled shoes, respectively

Dosage: Use 2 Capsule daily to reduce the effect of heel pain/ Calcaneal Spur.

Do's & Dont’s

  •          Raise the potency of calf muscles.
  •          Use appropriate fitted footwear with having heel support and arch.
  •          Prevent barefoot walk, particularly in tough flooring.
  •          Prevent high heeled footwear.
  •          Lose weight.
  •          Prevent standing for long.
  •          Have a warm-up prior to each exercise.
  •          Prevent standing for long.
  •          Prevent excessive consumption of spicy and hot foods.


Question - How long does it take to show results?

Improvements can be appreciated in about 10 days’ time.

Question – Is there any Side effects?

There are no recorded side effects with this medicine.

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