Bajaj Rumadap oil

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Bajaj Rumadap oil

Rumadap Oil

Ayurvedic Anti-Arthritic Anti-Inflammatory Relaxant

RUMADAP is an effective anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Anti-Rheumatic compound useful in various forms of joint disorders.


Rumadap Oil contains extract of time tested herbs which are having Anti inflammatory and Analgesic properties, mixed with Gandupurak thail, Nilgiri thail & Karpoor for their synergetic effect. The external application of this oil provides instant relief from acute pain and muscle spasm because of its faster, deeper penetration.


Useful in treatment of joint pain, backache, shoulder pain, sciatica and muscular sprain.

For External Use Only

Gently massage on the affected parts of the body.


Store in a dry Place Keep away from Light and Heat.
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