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Ayurvedic Massage Treatments

Ayurveda, a prehistoric healing system, to live a healthy life,  advises us to modify our activities which will be in rhythm with the nature. The body is subjected to the  purification process through panchakarma therapy by cleaning the body, improving  digestion and the metabolic processes hence the health is restored,

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Poorva Karma (Pre care )  – prepares the body for main therapy of panchakarma
a) Paachan (Digestion) – A unique preparation of ghee is being administered, which helps in cleansing the  digestive process which makes the impurities softer and lubricates the body tissues.
b) Snehan ( oleation) – An oil massage is applied to the entire body, which opens the channels and moves the toxins towards the gastro intestinal tract and also makes the deep tissues softer.
c)  Swedan (Fomentation) – It involves heat to make the patient sweat. A herbal concoction may also be added to the steam which  dilutes the toxins and increases it movement to the GI tract.
After a week of above process, the doshas are expected to be ripened and now  the main panchakarma  treatment which suits the individual body constitution and the disorder is advised..

Panchakarma (Pradan Karma) :
a) Vamana Karma – induced vomiting –  Here the toxins due to the vitiated doshas are expelled out through the oral route. It purifies respiratory tract and upper part of the body.
b) Virechana Karma – induced purgation –  Here a proper bowel movement is brought about by flushing out the toxins which are flushed out through the anal passage. It usually expels pitta from stomach and  upper part of the small intestine.
c) Basti Karma – Medicated  Enema –  Involves the introduction of either medicatedwater or oils in the rectum  passage and expels the toxins.
d) Nasya – elimination of the toxins through the nose  – Oil or medicated milk is administered in to the nostrils thereby expelling toxins from the forehead and head thereby rejunevating the sense organs.
e) Rakta Mokshan (Artificial bloodletting)-  A  small amount of blood is extracted from a vein which  relieves the tension created by the pittagenic toxins found in the blood.

Paschat Karma (Post care)
f) After the main purification process the body functions are reestablished and slowly only has to start his normal diet from the special diet and also some rejuvenating therapies are to be done.

Kalari Massage :
This type of massage combines the chavutti thirummu and synchronized massage, Here the therapist uses one feet to massage and for balancing himself he uses the string. Also synchronized, a whole body  massage is done by two therapist who are experts in the kalari, a martial art of Kerala. It relieves one out of the body pain and rejuvenates the whole body.

Kathakali Massage :
Kathakali is one of the traditional dance in Kerala. The teachers massages the students by themselves at the morning hours as the kathakali dancers need to keep the body supple and flexible. Here the oil is applied from the head to toe and massaged with feet.

Marma massage :
It is a full body hand massage with warm medicated oil and marma points on the body are massaged.  This generates the own energy and removes blockages found at these marma points  and improves the functions of the connecting organs.

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