Ajmera Ceeplex Syrup

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Ajmera Ceeplex Syrup

 The use of Ceeplex Syrup helps in getting energy and health. The regular use of product helps in restoring health. Apart from these they are also helpful in improving the quality and quantity of blood. They are helpful in getting the immune system strengthen and also liver problems. The products are helpful in improving mental and physical performance.

Ceeplex is the source of their health and energy
Ceeplex works as a systemic and Metabolic Corrective.
Decreases Fatigue, improves Physical and Mental Performance
Restores Appetite and strengthens Liver.
Improves Blood quality and quantity
Enhances Immune System
Loss of Appetite
General Debility
Dosage: 1-2Teaspoonful 3 times a day. 
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