Chesol 50 ml

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Chesol 50 ml

Description:  An embrocation for muscular aches and pains, chest colds, and bronchitis.

Composition:  Each 100 g contains:

Gumchi (Abrus precatorious) - 7.5 gm.
Chillies Powder (Capsicum annum) - 6 gm.
Elva (Aloe barbadensis) - 5 gm.
Mustard oil (Brassica campestris)- 4.75 gm.
Bach (Acorus calamus) - 5 gm.
Sunth (Zingiber officinale) - 3 gm.
Jamal gota (Croton tiglium) - 3 gm.
Khurasani ajwan (Hyoscyamus niger) - 0.65 gm.
Ajwan oil (Ptychotis ajowan) - 1.88 gm.
Clove oil (Myrtus caryophyllus) - 0.63 gm.
Peppermint oil - 1.25 gm.
Vegetable oil - q.s.

The extract of these indigenous herbs are highly effective in rheumatism, stiff joints, bronchitis and chest colds with cough and headache. Also effective in wasting of muscles in paresis.


Gumchi is used in inflammation and pains.
Bach is used in chronic rheumatism and as counter irritant.
Sunth is used as local stimulant and rubefacient.
Jamal gota is used in bronchitis, rheumatism and painful affections of joints and limbs.
Ajwan is used in inflammations.
Capsicum is a powerful local irritant and rubefacient.
Elva is applied in painful inflammations and ulcers.
Clove oil is an antiseptic local irritant and rubefacient.

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