Anaril Ayurvedics Ayurvedic Fairness Oil

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Anaril Ayurvedics Ayurvedic Fairness Oil

Ayurvedic Fairness Oil

  • Exotic oil prepared as per classical text.
  • No preservatives, added colours or perfumes.
  • Perfectly natural.
  • Result in 90 days.
  • No immediate change.
  • No allergies or adverse reactions.
  • Safe for all type of skin.
  • Free green gram powder for face wash.
  • Satisfied hundreds of customers worldwide.

Regular use will deliver best result.

Dos and Don'ts.

Drink plenty of water.

Don't expose much to Sun.

Apply oil in early morining or after sunset and keep for 2- 3 hrs and wash with green gram powder or mild face wash.

Avoid fatty foods.

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