Anaril Ayurvedics Dhroni- Ayurvedic Panchkarma Table

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Anaril Ayurvedics Dhroni- Ayurvedic Panchkarma Table


Designed and created on the finest wood in tune with beauty and exquisiteness of the culture of kerala and in the exact requisites of treatment techniques and ancient texts. It is adorned with craftwork, carvings, brass work and so on. It is created along with its stand and is perfected with lacquer polish on the sides of the dharapathy and on the stand itself


Length - 9ft; Breadth-2.5ft; thickness-4inches. The height of the equipment including the height of the stand is 2.5ft.
The equipment can also be crafted according to order bringing variations to the length, breadth, thickness, model, wood and so on as per the desire of the customers.
Wood used: 1. Kanjiram 2. Aryaveppu(Neem) 3. Venga 4. Thekku(Teak) 5. Puli (Tamarind) 6. Maavu (Mango tree) 7. Aanjily 8. Plaavu (Jack fruit tree)
The rate for Kanjiram/ Venga is $ 1500. For other woods, please contact us.The shipping charges and other terms will be informed to personaly. Please contact
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