Vasu Effectto Capsule

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Vasu Effectto Capsule

Effectto Capsule
(A new dimension in BPH-reduces Prostate size) 

A new dimension in BPH
Saw Palmetto is presribed to :

  • 90% of patients in Germany
  • 50% of patients in italy
  • 2nd largest selling herbal supplement in USA
  • Accepted medical treatment for BPH in New Zealand, France, Austria, Spain and many other countries

Value Addition
Saw Palmetto 160mg + Varuna + Kanchanara for reduction in size of Prostate gland

  • Reduces prostate size and associated LUTS
  • Efficacy comparable to Finasteride
  • Helps prevent disease progression, surgery and AUR

Added Advantage :

  • Does not lower PSA and hence no masking of prostate cancer unlike conventional treatment
  • Anti-spasmodic and Anti-inflammatory
  • Immuno-stimulatory property and appetite stimulate property, which has tremendous value in convalescent patient
  • Particularly beneficial in sexually active patients

Dosage :
In Mild to Moderate BPH with confirmed enlarged prostate:
Effectto 1 BID for 8 - 12 weeks

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