Imis Eosinophal Tablet

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Imis Eosinophal Tablet

Reduces nasopharyngeal congestion to open blocked nose and relieves headache.
An ideal medicine for tropical eosinophilia and allergic rhinitis.
Controls cough, dyspnoea and sneezing.
Has Antiviral and antibacterial properties.
Dosage : One tablet twice daily with hot water.
Caution To be used under medical supervision.
Presentation : 10 X 10 T in blister pack.
Composition : Eosinophal Tablet
Each tablet contains :
Sanskrit Name Latin / English Name Quantity Navagrahi (AAR) (Prepared medicine) 15 mg
Cinchona bark Cinchona powder 25 mg
Sudarsana chuma (S.S) (Prepared medicine) 45 mg
Gomutra silajit Asphaltum 15 mg
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