Kerala Ayurveda Eranda sukumaram

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Kerala Ayurveda Eranda sukumaram

What is Eranda Sukumaran used for?

Eranda Sukumaran is a proprietary Herbal Medication, manufactured by Kerela Ayurveda, Utilized in Therapy of PCOS and female hormonal imbalance.


Benefits of Eranda Sukumaran

·         Treating severe pain during menstruation

·         Severe back pain during menstruation

·         Reduces effect of Hernia


When to Use Eranda Sukumaran?

·         Pcos

·         Dysmenorrhea

·         Female Hormonal Imbalance

·         Flatulence

·         Chronic Constipation

·         Lower Back pain


Ingredients Eranda Sukumaran


Not Disclosed by the Manufacturer.


How to take Eranda Sukumaran


1-2 tsp for internal use with warm water or appropriate kwaths.




Question - How long does it take to show results?

Improvements can be appreciated in 7 days.


Question – Is there any Side effects?

No Side-effect found while researching of this medicine.

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