Nagarjuna Herbal Fineeye eye drops

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Nagarjuna Herbal Fineeye eye drops

When modern day strains are overwhelming the eyes, provide soothing consolation with

Fine eye drops.

Main actions:

Anti inflammatory, Anti pruritic and Anti micobial.

Each 10 ml is prepared of :

Jasminium grandiflorum ( Jathy) 2.5gm, Cateria lacca ( Laksha) 2.5gm, Santalum album ( Chandanan) 2.5gm, Cinnamomum camphora ( Camphor)2.5gm, Rosa alba ( Sathapathri) 2.5gm, Sphatikam 125mg.


Conjunctivitis, Allergies, Sunburn.


1 to 5 drops tobe applied in both eyes, two to five times daily or as directed by physician. Please avoid medication to eyes after sunset.


Bottle of 10ml.
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