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  • Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda Sunetra Junior Eye drops

Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda Sunetra Junior Eye drops

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Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda Sunetra Junior Eye drops

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Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda Sunetra Junior Eye drops

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Sreedhareeyam Ayurveda Sunetra Junior Eye drops

Sunetra Junior Eye Drops - Ayurvedic Eye Drops

Use within one month of opening the container.

All types of eye strain, the heaviness of eye, allergic eye, conjunctivitis, premature cataract.

Instill 1-2 drops in the eyes, 3-4 times day.


If irritation persists or increases, discontinue use and consult your physician.
Do not touch the dropper tip or other dispensing tip to any surface as this may contaminate the solution.

Sreedhareeyam Sunetra Junior

The perfect herbal sterile solution to revitalize your little one’s drowsy, tired and strained eyes
Sreedhareeyam Sunetra Junior

Worried about your child’s continuous exposure to digital devices? It’s time you squeeze in vision care as a part of your child’s routine.

Sunetra Junior has mild, protective ingredients that would keep children’s eyes free from harm or degeneration caused by excessive viewing of television, computer etc. Carrying the same function & goodness of tears, Sunetra Junior Eye Drops is prepared with natural ingredients that make it the perfect solution for your child’s delicate eyes. Daily use of it not only shrinks away the dryness but also makes your little one’s vision stronger & sharper for the future.
Benefits of Sunetra Junior

Approved by the doctors’ panel of Sreedhareeyam Eye Hospital which has received the Centre of Excellence recognition from the Govt. Of India, Sunetra offers a multitude of benefits like:

Treats soreness, as your child might have dry-eye issues post long hours of digital exposure.

Prevents allergies

Clears dust particles & keeps away minor bacteria that easily enter your child’s eye

Refreshes tired eyes which happen naturally with decreased vision

Adds up to longevity of eyes

Makes your child’s eye alive & sharp

Administering Sunetra does not cause any pain or any other difficulty & it is applicable to all types of eye strain, pain, itching, dryness, allergic eye &watering eyes.

What are the Major Ingredients of Sunetra Junior?

Sunetra is an ocean of herbal remedies that gives a strong layer of protection for your eyes. The ingredients that constitute Sunetra Junior are:
Padmakam (Sappan wood)

The anti-oxidant properties of Padmakam make it the best ingredient that would keep bacteria at bay. It prevents and also cures inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes. A pigment named brazilein present in Sappan wood has the ability to fight inflammation of the eyelids too.

Kathakabeeja (Clearing nut)

In Ayurvedic tradition, Kathakabeeja is used to make Anjana (paste formed medicinal mix used to treat eye diseases). It is called ‘Clearing nut’, because it can purify water immediately. According to Ayurvedic wisdom, it is 'Chakshushya', which means it will improve eyesight

Daruharidra (Indian Barberry)

Daruharidra refreshes the eye and keeps infections at bay. It is beneficial in treating eye ailments like conjunctivitis and other minor bacterial infections. Relieves pain and itching in eyes.

Satapatri Jala (Rosewater)

Satapatri Jala is prepared by distilling rose petals with steam. The vapor of this provides a cooling effect which helps in relieving stress. It comes with plenty of potential health benefits such as it helps soothe irritation. Its strong anti-inflammatory property aids in the treatment of ailments and prevents ocular diseases.

Bhimseni Kapur (Borneol)

Bhimseni Kapur is a common ingredient in many Chinese herbal formulas. It is actually a compound derived from dryobalanopsaromitaca, a tree that belongs to the teak family. It helps relieve the local itching & discomfort and also relieves burning. It temporarily provides a coating for relief to protect the eye from inflammation and irritation.

Haridra (Turmeric)

Haridra is a golden herb according to Ayurveda which has countless benefits. Used in the eyes, it has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and also has the ability to heal minor wounds which occurs due to rubbing the eyes. According to Ayurvedic scriptures, it can be used against myopia.

Madhu (Honey)

Medicinal properties of Madhu is well-scripted in the world’s oldest medicinal literature and since ancient times it has been used to cure & prevent infections. It helps retain the solution to stay longer in the eyes thus relieving dryness. The mechanism of honey is related to its low pH level & high sugar content that is enough to hinder the growth of microbes.

How to use

For regular use, administer two drops in each eye of your child twice a day. In case of difficulties or minor bacterial infections, use 4 times a day. Use for clearing dust and particles in the eyes as required.

The nozzle of the bottle should not be touched by hand or with any other material. To place a hole in the bottle, first, break the seal of the cap by unscrewing and opening it, and then screw-in the cap tight again so that the in-built puncher in the cap creates a hole. You should not use any other material to punch a hole in the bottle.

Kerala PWD Minister Monce Joseph formally launched the eye drops which will be available all over Kerala within six months and in major South Indian cities within a year. Dr. Namboothiri said 'Sreedhareeyam' had invested about Rs nine crore in its state-of-the-art production facility which can produce more than 100,000 droppers per day. Run by the traditional 'Nelliakattu Mana' family of 'vaidyas', the 260-bed 'Sreedhareeyam' offered help for eye ailments considered even beyond the scope of modern medicine. Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataract, and Retinal Detachment were some of the eye ailments treated at the hospital, Dr. Namboothiri said. With the opening of its new medical manufacturing unit and the launch of 'Sunetra', the group was hoping for a turnover of Rs 30 crore over the next year, Managing Director Hari N Namboothiri said. 'Sunetra' eye drops will come in three variants of 'Junior' for children below 17 years, 'Regular' for those between 17 and 60 years and 'Senior' for those above 60 years. The drops would provide everyday protection to eyes, worn out by strain and over-use, and also help in the prevention of long-term diseases, Dr. Namboothiri said. Stating that modern lifestyle, with its predominance of television and computer, wreaked havoc on the eyes, he said the drops would be particularly useful for the 'dry eye syndrome.'

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