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Arya Vaidya Setebid Tablet

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Arya Vaidya Setebid Tablet

Setebid - The Natural anti-hyperglycemic agent with powerful anti-oxidant action and multiple benefits

Each Tablets is made from 850mg medicament comprising of concentrated extract of

Curcuma longa - Nisha
Emblica officinalis - Amalaki
Eugenia jumbolana - Jambu
Commiphora mukul - Guggulu
Strychos potatorum - Kataka
Acacia catechu - Khadira
Berberis aristata - Yashti
Humbolotia vahliana - Attuvanchi
Mangifera indica - Chuta
Terminalia chebula - Adhaya
Cyperus rotundus - Abda

Mode of action :
Controls hyperglycemia by enhancing cellular glucose uptake.
Reduces the need for OHA/Insulin by augmenting the action of available insulin.
Provides powerful anti-oxidants to neutralize free-radicals
Offers protection against end-organ complications by retarding micro/macro-vascular damage

Time of administration :
1/2 Hour Before Food

Condition AS Dose* Benefits
IGT Stand-alone 2 T.I.D Prevents Diabetes
Obese Diabetes Mellitus Type II Stand-alone 2 T.I.D Controls blood glucose, Helps avoid OHAs
Non-Obese Diabetes Mellitus Type II Adjuvant to OHAs 2 B.I.D Reduction in dose of OHA, Prevention of end-organ complications.
Diabetes Mellitus Type I Adjuvant to Insulin 2 B.I.D Reduction in dose of insulin, Prevention of complications.
PCOD Adjuvant 2 T.I.D Corrects PCOD, Helps induce ovulation

* Please take an expert opinion before fixing the dosage

Dosage :
One Tablets twice daily .

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