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Bipha Drugs Gulgulupanchapalam Tablet

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Bipha Drugs Gulgulupanchapalam Tablet

Gulgulupanchapala choorna of Ashtangahrudaya in tablet form.

Benefits of Gulgulupanchapalam Tablet

Gulgulupanchapalam Churna is indicated in  Fistula in Ano Treatment of Ashtangahrudaya. This tablet is very effective for non-healing wounds, Fistula, Skin diseases, Digestive disorders, Obesity, Fibroids, Internal growths, Carcinoma, etc.

Indications of Gulgulupanchapalam Tablet

  1.  Fistula in Ano
  2. Non- healing wounds
  3.  Skin diseases
  4.  Obesity
  5.  Varicose veins
  6. Fibroids
  7.  Endometriosis
  8. PCOS
  9. Tumors
  10.  Carcinoma
  11. Bedsores
  12. Piles

Ingredients of Gulgulupanchapalam Tablet

  • Gulgulu- Commiphora mukul- Resinous gum- 261 mg
  • Pippali- Piper longum- Fruit- 52.4 mg
  • Amlaki- Emblica officinalis- Fruit pulp- 17.4 mg
  • Vibhitaki- Terminalia bellerica- Fruit pulp- 17.4 mg
  • Harithaki- Terminalia chebula- Fruit pulp- 17.4 mg
  • Ela- Elettaria cardamomum - Seed -17.4 mg
  • Tvak- Cinnamomum zeylanicum- Bark- 17.4 mg

Dosage of Gulgulupanchapalam Tablet

Two tablets twice daily after food or as directed by the physician

Diet for Gulgulupanchapalam Tablet

Vegetarian diet

Exercises for Gulgulupanchapalam Tablet

Moderate exercises, Yoga and Pranayama

Precautions for Gulgulupanchapalam Tablet

Avoid food and behaviors which causes indigestion. Drink only boiled water. Keep away from alcohol and smoking.

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