Mosons Indulekha White soap

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Mosons Indulekha White soap

The TFM value or the Total fatty matter value is an important aspect that determines the quality of a bathing soap. TFM refers to the total amount of fatty matter that’s present in a soap. The higher the TFM, the better the quality of the soap. Infact only when the TFM is higher that 60%, does a product qualify to be called as a soap. And if the TFM value is greater than 76%, the soap is classified as Grade 1 soap.

Thanks to the goodness of coconut milk and a high Total Fatty Matter (TFM) of 80%, Indulekha White Soap is a true Grade 1 soap, which gives you a rich and lush feeling while using it.

Usually, soaps have fillers that make it hard and harsher on the skin. A high percentage of TFM assures that the soap is gentle on the skin. Indulekha White Soap's 80% TFM means the soap has no harmful agents. Instead, its skin-friendly ingredients will make your skin soft and youthful.

To add to its virtue, the Indulekha White Soap is a 100% percent vegetarian soap, which is completely free from any animal fat. Now that is something that you and your family can depend on as your everyday beauty product.

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