Ajmera K 7 Capsule

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Ajmera K 7 Capsule

Keratin an insoluble protein is the major content of these capsules, which is really helpful in strengthening the hair from its root. Effectively nourishes the melanin pigments of the hair, acts as a protective shield to hair against all environmental factors like pollution.
Cures graying hair, dandruff problem, sleeplessness and headache to maximum extent, tails offered by us are formulated via ayurvedic procedure and are close to nature.
Benefits of K-7 Capsule
Supplies a proper amount of nutrition to body to maintain hair in proper conditions
Cures hair fall, graying of hair and other root causes of hair fall.
Helps in maintaining circulation of melanin in hair hence strengthen hair from root.
Ext. Phyllanthus emblica 30mg
Ext. Centella asiatica 30mg
Ext. Eclipta Alba 30mg
Ext. Glycyrrhiza glabra 30mg

Ext. Evolvulus alsinoides 30mg 

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