Ajmera K 7 Tail

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Ajmera K 7 Tail

Keratin, an insoluble protein is used for manufacturing these tails. Eratinization is the name of process through which these products are formulated, in this process the formation of follicle takes place in the root of hair. Extensively used for meeting the requirements of damaging hairs, keratin the protein used for formation of this product is composed from amino acids of different types which are bonded finely with each other. Melanin the grarffpl pigment available in hair helps in maintaining black color of hair. K-7 tail being offered by us are tested and formulated by the ayurvedic procedures of product formulation and is capable of decreasing the rate of hair fall and in long term can end the prob of hair fall along with that it also helps in getting rid of the problems related to dandruff.
k-7 tail special
cures problems related to dandruff and hair fall.
strengthen the hair from root and helps in promoting their growth.
effective solution of premature growing hair fall and graying, also cure s sleeplessness and headache.
protects hair from pollution and other environmental factors.
method of application
before applying these tails, one must wash the hair properly and after drying the hair should apply the tail gently on the scalp. Effective massage offering a gentle touch helps in strengthening hair.
berberis aristata10%w/v
phyllanthus emblica 41%w/v
evolvulus alsinoides 4%w/v
nardostachys jatmansi 1%w/v
hemidesmus indicus10%w/v
eclipta alba10%w/v
hedychium spicatum 0. 5% w/v
santalum album 1%w/v
citrullus colocynthis 30% w/v

pavonia odorate 1 % w/v 

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