Vaidyaratnam Ksheerabala 101 times ( Avarthi)

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Vaidyaratnam Ksheerabala 101 times ( Avarthi)

Ksheerabala 101 times is a classical Ayurveda preparation , made by concentrating and reducing regular Ksheerabala Thailam 101 times. This process increases its potency tremendously. Bala- Sida cordifolia the main ingredient in Ksheerabala have  emolient, cooling, strengthening, anti-rheumatic, nervine, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Indications: Arthritis, numbness, injuries, insomnia, nervous disorders. Rheumatic diseases especially with emaciation and weakness. It enhances vigour and strength, improves functions of sense organs.
It also acts as a rejuvenative.

Mode of administration: It is used for internal use, vasthi (medicated enema) and nasya (nasal drops).

Dosage: Please consult a qualified docotor for fixing the dosage.

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