Himalaya Lean Tea

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Himalaya Lean Tea

LeanTea Burning carbohydrates was never so refreshing. Himalaya LeanTea gives you a gentle hand-up with its special formulation. Proven to help reduce conversion of carbohydrates to fats, help your body burn extra calories and regularise your appetite. Go ahead; feel healthier with every sip. Action: Reduces conversion of carbohydrates to fats Regularises appetite Burns extra calories Regulates cholesterol metabolism Controls obesity Indications: Obesity, hyperlipidaemia and craving for sugar. Ingredients Include: Garcinia cambogia (Garcinia, Vrikshamla) Cyperus scariosus (Umbrella's edge, Nagaramusta) Commiphora mukul (Indian bdellium, Guggulu) Use Directions: A cup of tea twice daily. Dip the tea bag in a cup of cold or hot water for five minutes. Add honey, if required. Better results may be obtained if combined with AyurSlim
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