Ajmera Leukodna Capsule

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Ajmera Leukodna Capsule

Leukodna Capsules are being formulated Used extensively for the cure of ailment called Leukoderma. These capsules are formulated using ayurvedic processes and herbs which are sourced from reliable vendors. Our products are clinically tested at every stage of product development.
Characteristics of these products include:
Melanin Synthesis is accelerated (MSH activity)
Melanisn formation is enhanced by the enhancement of vegetable amine substances.
Pitta disorders are rectified
Enhances production of vegetable amine substances and thus 'Melanin' formation.
Corrects 'Pitta' disorder.
Treats digestive system
Best purifier of blood and flushes kidney.
Zero side effects.
Contact dermatitis.
Skin rashes.

Dosage: Two Capsules thrice in a day. 

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