Vaidyaratnam Lomasathana tail

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Vaidyaratnam Lomasathana tail

What is Lomasathana Oil used for?

It's a proprietary regenerative medication manufactured by Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala. It is the best Ayurvedic way of Removing unwanted hair.

 Benefits of Lomasathana Oil.

·         Permanently hair removal

·         Skin Friendly

When to Use Lomasathana Oil?

·         Different Etiology like

·         Unwanted Hairs due to PCOS

·         Unwanted Hairs due to Hormone Imbalance

·         Unwanted Hairs due to Medicinal Side Effects

Ingredients Lomasathana Oil

·         Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair Removal.

How to Apply of Lomasathana Oil

You can apply it gently after 30 minutes when shaved/waxed. If you are getting hair removal via chemicals/ bleach, wait for 24 hours. Oil has to be applied only after hair removal & not on hair.


Question - How long does it take to show results?

Improvements can be appreciated in 15 days.

Question – Is there any Side effects?

There are no recorded side effects with this Oil.


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