Vaidyaratnam Nalpamaradi Baby fairness Oil

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Vaidyaratnam Nalpamaradi Baby fairness Oil

Nalpamaradi Coconut Oil for Baby fairness

Preserve your baby's skin and make it fairer and smooth. This Ayurvedic preparation is a unique combination some of the rarest of the natural ingredients carefully blended to make your baby's skin glow. Classical ayurveda preparation for the fairness, especially for paediatric use. Contains 4 types of Ficus tree bark skin in Coconut oil medium.

 Several patented products like Kaveri baby fairness oil, Dhathri fairness massage oil are based on this preparation.

Usage: Apply whole body and keep it for 30 minutes and wash it with green gram powder or mild baby soaps.

Contraindications: Avoid in fever condition.

200ml bottle can be used for 14 days. Regular daily application may yeild better results.

For more details and mode of usage and all other paediatric issues, please write to our world renowned Ayurvedic paediatric specialist

Dr Rajesh Nair -

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