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  • Ayucare Ayurcare Kizhi

Ayucare Ayurcare Kizhi

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Ayucare Ayurcare Kizhi

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Ayucare Ayurcare Kizhi

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Ayucare Ayurcare Kizhi

Ayu:care Kizhi

Ayu:care Kizhi is the most beneficial scientifically designed method of conducting ayurvedic swedana treatment (medicated fomentation therapy) practiced in Kerala. KIZHI is most beneficial in musculo-skeletal disorders (pain, swelling and stiffness) and neuro-vasculopathy (numbness, loss of sensation, burning, cramps etc.). In Kerala system of Ayurvedic practice KIZHI is recommended for Arthritis & Rheumatism and highly beneficial in low back ache, (Muscular & Disc), neck pain (Spondylosis), Muscle pain (Fibromyalgia), Joint pain and problems related with nerves and blood vessels.

1. Apply KIZHI thailam 10 ml. on the body over the affected area.
2. Take KIZHI thailam 10 ml. and pour into a vessel and heat.
3. Dip the bolus in the hot KIZHI thailam and gently press over the painful area.

Repeat the procedure till finishing the oil in the vessel and again add 10ml oil and continue till the oil finishes. Continue the procedure for 15 minutes once in a day for 3 days. One bolus (Kizhi) can be used for 3 consecutive days. After 3 days, new bolus is taken for therapy. One kit is directed for 6 day's therapy. 5 kits are needed for one month therapy.

The pack contains 5 units of Kizhi and Oil

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