Himalaya Pain Massage Oil

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Himalaya Pain Massage Oil

Pain Massage Oil is a herbal oil which provides relief from neuromuscular pain and the pain associated with arthritis.

Apply all over the body and gently massage if necessary. Follow with a warm shower.

The Pain Massage Oil provides relief from:
Neuromuscular pain
General body ache and pain

Pack Size  
Pain Massage Oil is available in a pack size of 120ml.

Pain Massage Oil contains the following ingredients:
Acorus calamus (Sweetflag, Vacha) which with its analgesic, spasmolytic and nervine tonic properties, relieves pain.
Moringa pterygosperma (Drumstick, Shigru) that has stimulant, rubefacient & anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for pain relief.
Cedrus deodara (Cedarwood, Devadaru) that has spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory & analgesic activities, which help to relieve muscular spasms.
Zingiber officinale (Ginger, Sunthi) that has anti-inflammatory, stimulant & rubefacient properties that relieve inflammatory swelling.
Sida cordifolia (Country Mallow, Bala) which has spasmolytic properties.

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