Charak Prosteez

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Charak Prosteez

If your prostate gland plays havoc with passage of urine, put Prosteez on the job. It will protect your prostate from evil forces converging from all directions. Urinary hesitancy should be a thing of the past with Prosteez which packs the power of not one, not two, but four major ingredients:
Soya     direct inhibition of prostate tissue growth
Saw palmetto     also inhibits prostate tissue growth
Varun     induces natural death of prostate cells
Saw palmetto     reduces ‘inflammation’ (congestion etc) of prostate

1) BPH (Benign Prostrate Hyperplasia)


Adults: Two Tablets Twice daily


1) Relives both obstructive & irritative symptoms
2) Therapeutic efficacy commences within 4-6 weeks
3) Reduce prostrate size



1) Drink plenty of water to flush the bladder

2) Eat balanced diet to prevent constipation


1) Avoid straining when moving your bowels

2) Don't control your natural urges

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