Psorakot Gel

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Psorakot Gel

Psorakot gel is a preparation for topical application based on the oil preparation Ayyappalakeratailam trusted by the Physicians in the treatment of Psoriasis. The ingredient composition of Wrightia tinctoria and Neem in Coconut oil base helps the preparation to fight against Psoriasis as an anti bacterial, antiseptic and astringent. Application in conjunction with Psorakot tablet helps in the effective management of Psoriasis.

Indications: Psoriasis and skin disorders.

Direction for use: For external application on the affected area as directed by the physician.

Contents and Quantity


Sl No Sanskrit Name Botanical Name
Part Used Qty/5gm
1 Svetakutaja Wrightia tinctoria
2 Nimba
Azadirachta indica
3 Kera tailam Cocos nucifera

Presentation :

25gm collapsible tube

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