Nagarjuna Herbal Psoria Oil

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Nagarjuna Herbal Psoria Oil

If Psoriasis brings misery to social life, bring back the glow of normal skin using Psoria oil.
Main actions:Relieves itching and scaling, retrieves the skin texture. Highlights: The rare Wrightia tinctoria( Hayamarakam) is with magnificent antipsoriatic action, thus regular use arrest relapse and internal administration eliminates toxins and corrects the immune system.
Each 100ml is prepared of : Wrightia tinctoria ( Hayamaraka pathram) 150g in Coconut oil.
Indications: Psoriasis, Dandruff, fungal infections, dry skin.
Dosage: External application- apply oil in affected areas 30 to 60 minutes and wash with greengram powder. Don’t use soap. Internal – 5ml in empty stomach with 30ml luke warm water twice daily.
Bottles of 100ml.
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