Sreemed Labs Rasnasaptakam Kashayam Extract Sachet

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Sreemed Labs Rasnasaptakam Kashayam Extract Sachet

Rasnasaptakam Kashayam Extract Sachet ( KES)

Free from Preservatives and Parabens.

Feel the freshness of qwath prepared by Vaidyas of old age.

The greatest innovative product of 21st century rediscovering the goodness of Ayurveda.

Alpinia galanga 543 mg

Tinospora cordifolia 217 mg

Cassia fistula 310 mg

Cedrus deodara 166 mg

Tribulus terrestris 271 mg

Ricinus communis 217 mg

Boehaavia diffusa 271 mg

Text : Sahasrayogam

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