The Arya Vaidyasala Kottakkal Rhukot Gel

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The Arya Vaidyasala Kottakkal Rhukot Gel

Rhukot gel is a formulation for topical application comprising of two specific oils Cedrus deodara oil and Asadirachta indica ( Neem) oil. Application of gel as an adjuvant with Rhukot tablet helps in quick relief of pain and swelling associated with RA. The gel preparation with time tested active ingredients in the formulation has improved delivery features and easiness of application.

This product is from The Aryavaidyasala, Kottakkal who are delivering authentic Ayurveda since 1902.

Contents and quantity/ 5gm

Devadaru ( Cedrus deodara) oil 0.675gm and Nimba ( Azadirachta indica) oil 0.675g.

Indications: Arthritic pain and Joint pain.

Directions for use: Apply 2- 3 times on affected area or as directed by the physician.

Presentation: 25gm collapsible tube.

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