Bajaj Rumadap tablet

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Bajaj Rumadap tablet


Ayurvedic - Anti-Arthritic Anti Inflammatory
RUMADAP is an effective anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Anti-Rheumatic compound useful in various forms of joint disorders.


Contain 200mg of Mahayograj Guggul and 50 mg. Maharasnadi Quath, along with 40 mg of Ashwagandha. This combination is a vital one, since these are powerful Anti-Arthritic in their activity. The main active principle in Mahayograj Guggul is guggul which is responsible for relief from inflammation. Rasna in Maharasnadhi Quath helps relieve pain factor. Ashwagandha being an anti arthritic, also strengthens muscles and helps restore joint functions.
Shilajit in Rumadap protentiates the formula and Suvarnamakshik Bhasma supplements natural iron which prevents anaemia.
Manjista, Gambhari and Goksura in Ramadap helps in purifying the blood (A traditional concept) and promotes renal clearance of metabolic wastes.
Agnimantha, Patala prevents acidity and clear indigestion. Whereas Amlavetas and Eranda relieve constipation (Vatanulomana). Bala and Parasika Yavani increase mobilioty in joints and relieve muscle spasms.
Thus RUMADAP Tablets hold the key in the sucessful management of arthritis. Each Tablet Contains Mahayograj Guggulu 200 mg Su – Shilajit 15 mg Ashwagandha 40 mg Agnimanth 20 mg Gambhari 20 mg Maharasnadi Quath 50 mg Manjishta 30 mg Patala 20 mg Amlavetas 20 mg Eranda 20 mg Gokshuru 20 mg Bala 20 mg


Joint pain, Backache, Shoulder Pain, Sciatica and Muscular sprain etc.


One to two tablets thrice a day, or as directed by the physician.


Store in a dry place. Keep away from Light and Heat. Shake well before use.


RUMADAP Tablets are safe on prolonged use under medical supervision. However necessary blood parameters to be monitored as per the requirement to access the relief. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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