Himalaya Shallaki

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Himalaya Shallaki

The Herb
Latin Name Boswellia serrata (Roxb.)
English Name Boswellia
Sanskrit / Indian Name Shallaki
One of the principal constituents in the gum resin is boswellic acid which exhibits anti-inflammatory activity.

The gum resin is used as an ointment for sores and has anti-inflammatory, antiatherosclerotic and antiarthritic activities. The nonphenolic fraction of the gum resin had marked sedative and analgesic action. The fraction potentiated secobarbitone induced hypnosis. In rats it produced a marked and long-lasting hypotensive action.

The gum is a well known household fumigant and is used as an anti-inflammatory agent when applied externally. Internally, besides being antiarthritic, it has expectorant effects. It also reduces body weight.



A natural and safe herb for optimum joint health. It gently cares for joints.

Shallaki is used as an adjuvant in
Joint pain

1 capsule twice a day after meals with water.
Please maintain an hour's gap between intake of our products and other allopathic drugs.

* Recommended only at the age of 14 years and above.

The chromatograph is representative of the quality and consistency of the drug. Every single capsule of Himalaya Pure Herbs has identical chromatographs, indicative of highest standards of quality maintained by us. The pure herb bought by you anywhere in the world provides you with the same goodness.

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