Dabur Siddhmakaradhwaj

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Dabur Siddhmakaradhwaj

 Sanskrit Name
 Botanical/English Name
 Shuddh Swarna Bhasma
 Shuddh Parad
 Shuddh Gandhak

Processed in Rakt Kapas pushp, Kumari swaras
Indication : Provides strength & energy.
Dose : 1/8 to 1 tablet in the morning and evening or as directed by the Physician.


Sidh Makardhawaj Removes general debilities. Strengthens digestion. Tones upon nerves a nd muscles and increases potency. Useful in cough, Asthma and Tuberculosis. 

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Tags: siddhmakaradhwaj, dysfunctional, uterine, bleeding