Nupal Remedies Slimcare capsules

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Nupal Remedies Slimcare capsules

Tried and trusted herbal formulation to control obesity in most effective way

A tried and trusted herbal formulation to control obesity in the most effective way. An exceptional combination of rare herbal ingredients. Continuous use of SLIM CARE ensures reduction of excess fat.
This combination is derived from the Manuscripts of Ancient times and completely safe formulation prepared from Nature's own resources.


Each Capsule is prepared out of
Athimadura 0.5 gm
Chithrakam 0.5 gm
Vibhithaka 0.5 gm
Amlaki 0.5 gm
Tanduliya 0.5 gm
Punarnava 0.5 gm
Vidanga 0.5 gm
Haridra 0.5 gm


Obesity without symptoms.
Obesity in patients with Diabetes and Hyper tension.


Adults : 2 capsules three times daily along with food.
Children : 1 capsule three times daily along with food.


Diet control - Have only bland food. Food containing huge amount of refined sugar, candy, cakes, ice creams and cookies should be avoided. The treatment should be continued for a period of 3 - 4 months. Moderate daily exercise should be required.


50 capsules in 5 blister strips of 10 each
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