Anaril Ayurvedics Special package for breast enlargement

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Anaril Ayurvedics Special package for breast enlargement

Our breast development package is the blend of different ingredients that are formulated to result in breast development for most, but not all women.
We are using pure herbs, massage oils and leha for the breast development. They will enhance the hormone production naturally and inturn develop firm beautiful breast.
You will get 100% sideeffect free result from Kerala based ayurvedic products. The dosage and mode of administration differs for individuals and will be informed personally. Please continue this medicines for atleast six months for getting optimum results. This will also treats other female problems like irregular menustration, frigidity, loose vagina, tiredness and ageing.
You have to follow a healthy diet, exercise, and stress reduction. The main contents of the medicines are fenugreek, saw palmetto, aswagandha, musli and asoka.
Breast massage twice daily using about a half-dropper full per breast of oil . Do it in a calm enviornment. Do circular massage around aerola.
The package contains medicines for 45 days.
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