Vasu Trichup Henna

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Vasu Trichup Henna

Trichup Henna 100g (Natural Hair colour for Hairs/Hands)

100 % Natrual Henna Powder
For black healthy shining hair

Trichup Henna is a premium quality 100% natural Henna powder for hair and hands. It nourishes hair papilla and hair pigments that are responsible for hair colour. It is also a good conditioner that not only strengthens the hair roots but also makes hair smooth and shiny. Trichup Henna can also be used for creating designs on the skin especially on palm and feet.
Since ancient time Henna is known to be effective in preventing premature graying of hair and for hair nourishment. Regular use of Trichup Henna naturally conditions hair and gives natural strength and shine to the hair.
Salient features of Trichup Henna:
»     Premium quality 100% natural Henna powder
»     For black, shiny & healthy hair
Directions for use:
»     Soak Trichup Henna for 4 to 6 hours in water to make a thick paste
»     Apply the paste on hair
»     Leave for 3 to 4 hours then rinse off thoroughly with water
»     You can also enhance the effects of the Henna paste by adding vinegar and/or lemon juice to it. This paste is beneficial for oily hair and also gives golden / copper hues.
Presentation:     100g & 500g pouch pack.

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