Shankar Ulset capsule

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Shankar Ulset capsule

The Easy, Non-Surgical Remedy for Acidity

Hard to believe but true. Complete cure is a possibility with Ayurvedic drugs. Its pure, nature ingredients will set right Acidity, Gastric Ulcer, Gas Trouble, indigestion, Flatulence, burning sensation of chest and vomiting sensation. In fact, other than Cancer and Appendicitis, all disorders relating to stomach are cured using Ulset Liquid/Capsules. Absolutely safe and totally free of side effects, it is the best non-surgical solution to all your stomach-related ailments.


Gas Trouble, Acidity, Ulcerative colitis, Indigestion, Gastric Ulcer, Amoebiasis, Flatulence, Irregular Bowels, burning sensation in chest and vomiting sensation


10 Capsules a strip.


2 Capsule 3 times daily before meals. Or as directed by the physician.


Avoid alcoholic drinks, smoking, beef, chicken, egg. Reduce chilly & tamarind, bakery foods made using yeast.


Surgery can be avoided. Its soothing effect gives immediate relief to pain. And almost instantly, acidity, heart burn and constipation will disappear. You will find relief from all disorders. In chronic cases of ulcer and acidity, the root cause of the disease is eliminated. As a consequence, you will regain good health and a healthy appetite.
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