Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala

Vaidyaratnam Sudarshanarishtam
Vaidyaratnam Sudhabala Thailam
Vaidyaratnam Sukumara Rasayanam
Vaidyaratnam Sukumaram Ghrutham
Vaidyaratnam Sukumaram Kashayam
Vaidyaratnam Sukumaram rasayan

Vaidyaratnam Sukumaram rasayan

Ayurvedic Treatment for Common Menustral Disorders Menstrual disorders include problems such as pain..


Vaidyaratnam Supthi Thailam Oil

Vaidyaratnam Supthi Thailam Oil

A move forward to tackle numbness Supthi thailam oil Each 200ml prepared out of: Sida retusa 25.00%..


Vaidyaratnam Surasadi Thailam
Vaidyaratnam Surasavam

Vaidyaratnam Surasavam

Surasavam Ref: Patent Indications: Worms, dyspepsia, cough, wounds...


Vaidyaratnam Swasamritham
Vaidyaratnam Swasanandam Gulika
Vaidyaratnam Thakrarishta Choornam
Vaidyaratnam Thankasree Ghrutham
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