Dabur Vajra ( Heerak) Bhasma

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Dabur Vajra ( Heerak) Bhasma

Purified diamond Parts 1
Pharmacology: Restorative and aphrodisiac
Indications: Energetic, memory enhancer, improves body resistance and pacifies tridosha. This medicine improves physical, mental strength and help to relieve chronic and complicated diseases. This is also useful in chronic arthritis, allergic disorders, auto immune disorders, sluggish memory and nervous weakness.
Dosage: 15 to 30 mg twice a day with milk, butter and sugar or as directed by the physician.
Caution: To be taken under medical supervision.
Diet: Milk, butter, ghee, rice and wheat.
Avoid sour substances, spicy food and irregular diet and sleep.
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Tags: vajra, heerak), bhasma, hemiplegia