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Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala

 Kapikachu Churna

Kapikachu Churna

Contains pure powdered Mucuna Puriens Seeds. Sugar free Botanical name : Mucuna pruriens (Linn...






Anaril Ayurvedics Dasamoolarishtam
Kerala Ayurveda Amrutharishtam

Kerala Ayurveda Amrutharishtam

Amrutharishtam Ref Sahasrayogam Useful in all types of fever, ghout and rheumatoid arthritis. Dose 1..


Kerala Ayurveda Ayaskrithi

Kerala Ayurveda Ayaskrithi

Ayaskrithi Ref: Ashtanga hridayam Indicated in diabetes, obesityand anaemia. Dose 15- 30 ml twice da..


Kerala Ayurveda Karpooradi Choornam
Kerala Ayurveda Saraswatharishtam
Kerala Ayurveda Vidaryadi Ghritham
Vaidyaratnam  Dhanwantharam 101 Times

Vaidyaratnam Dhanwantharam 101 Times

INGREDIENTS  Kwatha  Balamoola  Yava  Kola  Kulatha  Dasamoola (Each)&..


Vaidyaratnam  Dhanwantharam 41 Times

Vaidyaratnam Dhanwantharam 41 Times

INGREDIENTS  Kwatha  Balamoola  Yava  Kola  Kulatha  Dasamoola  K..


Vaidyaratnam  Madhu

Vaidyaratnam Madhu

INGREDIENTS  Madhu  Sunti  Maricha  PippaliINDICATIONS  As Prakshepa dravya..


Vaidyaratnam 101 Times Ksheerabala
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