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Charak Manoll Syrup

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Charak Manoll Syrup

Information about Charak Manoll Tonic

Charak Manoll Natural Health Tonic is herbomineral potent antioxidant. It is a rich source of flavonoids like quercetin, emblicanin-A, and emblicanin-B which are potent antioxidants. It has a profound anti-inflammatory effect that helps to control inflammatory responses in the body. Charak Manoll Natural Health Tonic reinforces resistance against infections and ensures rapid recovery and cuts short convalescence period after a long illness or surgery.








    Mandur Bhasma



    Kamal Pushpa


    The tonic helps to rejuvenate and strengthen the body tissue

    It is well tolerated and facilitates less chance of constipation and gastric irritation

    Promotes healthy pregnancy and lactation

    Helps to counter oxidative stress and increases immunity

    Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

    Facilitates faster recovery from illness

    Useful in reinforcing resistance against recurrent infections in children


  Take Charak Manoll Natural Health Tonic as directed by the physician.

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