Vaidyaratnam Ashokarishtam

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Vaidyaratnam Ashokarishtam

What does Ashokarishta do?


Ashokarishta is an Ayurvedic medicine for all types of diseases related to the female reproductive system.

When should Ashokarishta be taken?


Ashokarishta is useful in gynecological diseases including heavy uterine bleeding, heavy menstrual periods, imbalanced female hormones, menopausal osteoporosis, ovarian cyst, and uterine polyps.


Ashokarishta Benefits

The natural and medicinal ingredients of Ashokarishta have the following benefits, leading to a relief for the patients in the indications as stated above:

Ashokarishta for PCOS

Ashokarishta benefits for skin

Ashokarishta for irregular periods

Ashokarishta for weight loss

Ashokarishta for delayed periods

Ashokarishta for heavy periods

Ashokarishta for piles

Ashokarishta for white discharge (Leucorrhea or Leukemia)

How to have Ashokarishta?

The general dosage instructions for Ashokarishta are: 5ml – 10 ml

-once or twice a day,

- after food or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

Those having irritation in the stomach can take it with the equal quantity of water.

Ingredients of Ashokarishta

Each Ashokarishta contains the following key ingredients among others

·         Ashoka  Saraca

·         water for decoction

·         Kashayam

·         Guda

·         Prakshepa

·         Dhataki

·         Musta

·         Shunti

·         Ajaji

·         Daruharidra

·         Utpala

·         Haritaki

·         Vibhitaki

·         Amalaki

·         Amrasthi

·         Jeeraka

·         Vasa

·         Chandan


   Frequently Asked Questions

Can ashokarishta be taken during periods?

Yes, you can take!

Can Ashokarishta be taken during pregnancy?


How long Ashokarishta should be taken?

As long as you find yourself cure of the problem.

Can Ashokarishta be taken daily?


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