• Brahamdine Syrup

Brahamdine Syrup

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Brahamdine Syrup

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Brahamdine Syrup

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Brahamdine Syrup

Description: A combination of ayurvedic drugs well known for centuries for their tonic action on the uterus.


Valeriana wallichi



Withania somnifera

28 mg


Symplocos racemosa

52 mg


Saraca indica

52 mg


Argemone mexicana

2 mg


Asparagus racemosus

40 mg


Vibrunum fortidum

26 mg


Abroma augusta

40 mg


Glycyrrhiza glabra

14 mg


Pharmacology: Lodhra relaxes uterine tissues, acts as an astringent tonic in dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, leucorrhoea. It also normalises irregular periods. Ashok is an astringent, uterine sedative and a regulator of menstruation. The two together are highly effective in leucorrhoea and disorders of menstruation. Asgandha, Balatagra and Swarnakshiri relieve anxiety, and give a sense of well-being. Asgandh is also used in general debility, Balatagra is a valuable nerve tonic, and an anti-spasmodic, and its action is enhanced by Swarnakshiri.
Satawari cures barrennes in women and removes disorders of female genitals. Vibrunum is used in uterine diseases and dymennorrohoea. Olotkambol is useful in varieties of dysmenorrohoea. Jethimadh is a cure for all sorts of leucorrhoea and other uterine disorders.

Indications:  Excessive bleeding, leucorrhoea, irregular periods.
NOTE: If bleeding is profuse, it can be combined with CHINIUMCO.

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