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The Arya Vaidyasala Kottakkal Brihachagaladi Ghritam

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The Arya Vaidyasala Kottakkal Brihachagaladi Ghritam


Brihachagaladi Ghrita is an Ayurvedic medicine in ghee form.  It is used in the treatment of all types of Vata disorders involving emaciation, lack of strength, pain, stiffness, etc.  It contains nonveg ingredients.


    It is useful in all Vata disorders, epilepsy, psychosis, paralysis, bloating, earache, headache, loss of hearing, sciatica, excessive belching, colic pain of the abdomen, spinal problems, difficulty in urination, bleeding disorders, hemorrhoids, intermittent fever, gout, chronic fever, poisoning, skin diseases, inflammation, stiffness, excessive alcoholism, lumbar and cervical spondylosis, all types of arthritis, tremors, oligospermia, menorrhagia, emaciation, weight loss.
    It is anti-aging medicine, improves digestion power, strength, and immunity.
    It also acts as a natural aphrodisiac.


Meals must be taken in goat’s milk and mutton soup as far as possible. salt and chilies must be reduced and strain avoided. Also to be avoided are exposure to sun and heat and mist, day time sleep, wakeful nights, and sex. Bathe in warm water and live in a clean well-ventilated room. Even for small doses observe the rules of light Pathya.

How long to take:

This medicine can be safely taken for a period of up to 2-4 months.


Self-medication with this medicine is strictly not recommended. Take this only under strict medical supervision.
Take this medicine at a precise dose and for a limited period of time, as advised by the doctor.
Diabetic, hypertensive patients, cardiac patients, obese people, pregnant ladies, lactating mothers, and children should take this medicine strictly under medical supervision.
Over-dosage may cause indigestion and diarrhea.
Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store in a dry cool place.

In this herbal ghee, the herbs are infused in the medium of ghee along with herb water decoction. Then the solid waste herb materials are filtered out. Thus, this herbal ghee contains oil soluble and water soluble phytoactive principles of medicinal herbs.



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