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  • Dey's Medicals Itone Eye Drops

Dey's Medicals Itone Eye Drops

  • Brand: Dey's Medicals
  • Product Code: AFA 4860
  • Weight: 10.00 Gram(s)
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Dey's Medicals Itone Eye Drops

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Dey's Medicals Itone Eye Drops

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Dey's Medicals Itone Eye Drops


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Aqueous Extracts of Nimba 5% v/v, Sobhanjana 5% v/v, Bhringaraj 5% vlv, Punarnava 7.5% vlv, Nirgundi 5% v/v, Satapatri 7.5% vlv, Yamani 2% vlv, Haritaki 5% vlv, Vibhitaka 5% vlv, Dhatriphala 5% vlv, Haridra 5% vlv, Karpuram 3% vlv, Pudina 2% vlv, Saindhava laban 2% v/v, Madhu 10% vlv, Ela 5% vlv, Swet Chandan 5% vlv, Mukta 1% vlv, Rakta Chandran 5% vlv, Hasti Sundi 5% v/v & Tulsi Patra 5%.



For protecting the eyes from continuous strains, glare of lights and various forms of pollution.

For uses in conjunctivitis, trachoma, blepharitis, keratitis, corneal ulcers. lenticular opacity, myopia. hypermetropia, dacryocystitis, etc. as useful adjunct.

For maintaining the acuity of vision in all jobs where continuous and precise activities of eyes are needed.



Keep away from heat and light. Use within one month after opening the container or before the expiry date, whichever is earlier.



1 to 2 drops 3-4 times daily in both eyes.